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Levitra® is a medciation for the treatment of male Impotence manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. It helps to archieve and maintain erection.


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Vardenafil 20mg

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Erectile dysfunction not only restricts man’s sexual activity but also can negatively affect his relationships with sexual partner. If a man has problems with erection achievement, he should first of all seek professional medical advice from the doctor. For erectile dysfunction treatment, oral medications that improve blood flow to the penis are most often prescribed for men.

Levitra is one of the drugs, the use of which helps men completely to restore an ability to achieve erection and to have a full sexual intercourse. Levitra use helps to significantly improve subjective and objective parameters of male sexual function. They are: speed of erection achievement, erection quality and recovery rate for the ability to re-intercourse.

It should be noted that a sexual stimulation of the penis may be required to achieve a satisfactory erection after the use of Levitra medication. It is also important that therapeutic efficiency of Levitra medication does not depend on the reason of erectile dysfunction and related risk factors.

Levitra medication does not increase the duration of sexual act and does not affect the quality of orgasm. Therefore, Levitra medication is not effective in the treatment of premature ejaculation and orgasmic dysfunction. Respectively, Levitra should be used only by those men who are not able to achieve an erection or dissatisfied with its quality.

Levitra medication is not only effective but also safe in the use. In contrast to injectable method of erectile dysfunction treatment (for example, intracavernous injections Caverject), Levitra does not increase the risk of progressing sclerosis of the corpora cavernosa.

If you have been prescribed Levitra medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment but it is expensive in your region, you can order a delivery of cheap Levitra medicine on our online pharmacy. Before to buy Levitra online, familiarize yourself with pharmacotherapeutic properties of this medicine for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.


Levitra medication comes into the market in tablets for oral administration. The international pharmaceutical market offers for sale:

  • Oral tablets Levitra 2.5mg, Levitra 5mg, Levitra 10mg, Levitra 20mg;
  • Orally disintegrating tablets Levitra 10mg (are sold under the original trademark Staxyn in the USA).

Each oral and orally disintegrating tablet Levitra contains active pharmaceutical ingredient Vardenafil Hydrochloride (INN Vardenafil). Amount of Vardenafil in one orally disintegrating and oral tablet Levitra is indicated in milligrams.


If a man is dissatisfied with his erection quality, he should take one Levitra 5mg tablet at least one hour before sexual act. If the desired effect is not achieved after a single dose of Levitra 5mg, the next Levitra dose may be increased up to 10mg.

Levitra 10mg is an optimal daily dose, prescribed to treat moderate erectile dysfunction. Like minimum recommended dose of Levitra 5mg, daily dose of Levitra 10mg should be taken approximately 60 minutes before planned sexual activity.

Maximum daily dose of Levitra 20mg can be prescribed to treat severe erectile dysfunction. Maximum dose of Levitra 20mg as a rule is prescribed in the cases when disturbance of blood flow to erectile penis tissue is caused by organic risk factors (organic form of erectile dysfunction).


Orally disintegrating pills Levitra 10mg do not have to swallow and do not need to drink water. Orally disintegrating pills Levitra should be just put on the tongue and they dissolve in your mouth for a few seconds.

Results of clinical studies have demonstrated that after the use of orally disintegrating pills Levitra (Staxyn pills) nasal congestion occurs 3 times less often than after the use of usual oral Levitra pills. So, if a man has problems with nasal breathing (for example, allergic rhinitis), he is recommended to use exactly orally disintegrating pills Levitra.

It is also important the fact that a risk of digestive disorder after the use of orally disintegrating pills Levitra is almost 2-fold less often than after the use of oral Levitra pills. Therefore, men with gastrointestinal diseases should preferably take Levitra pills that dissolve in the mouth and do not irritate the gastric mucosa.

If you decided to buy Levitra online without prescription but have never taken Levitra pills (or Staxyn pills), ask all your question our pharmacist. On our online pharmacy you can order Levitra no prescription and get a consultation of our pharmacist from anywhere in the world. By buying Levitra online on our online pharmacy you can get a discount which allows to cut your costs for postal services.


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